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Esusu Loan Form
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What do I need to be eligible for a loan and how can I apply for a loan?
You should be between 22 and 60 years old and can apply for a loan either via online or visit our branch at the above address.
How can I re-apply after I have liquidated my previous loan?
You can re-apply after liquidation if you had no returned cheque(s) throughout the tenor of your loan. You will also need to provide two guarantors only your updated bank statement and postdates cheques
How do I repay if I don’t want my cheque(s) to be presented?
You can walk into our branch teller to make payment as deposit to your account domicile with us or initiate online transfers or cash deposits to any of our correspondent bank accounts: Eco Bank - First Bank - Zenith Bank
Can I have multiple loans or I want to borrow more money to my existing loan, how can I do this?
No, You cannot apply for more than one loan at the point of your application however, you can take a renewal after you have liquidated your existing loan and you will also need to provide updated bank statement with new undated cheques


What is the minimum and maximum amount I can borrow?
Our loan ranges from 10,000 - 1,500,000 Naira
Is your interest rate a flat rate or reducing balance negotiable and is there any hidden charges on your loan requirements?
Our interest rate is a flat rate charged monthly which is negotiable to a reasonable market price and there are no hidden charges on our loan products.
Can i fill the loan form(hardopy), scan and send to the bank's e-mail?
Yes, you can downloads the loan form from the website, fill correctl, scan and send to the bank's e-mail and wait for quick response from our sales team
Can I liquidate my loan before it matures and can I pick up my collateral cheque(s) after liquidation?
Yes, you can liquidate your loan before maturity without deducting interest on the remaining weeks or months interest and you can pick up your collateral cheque(s) after liquidation within 24 hours.
I have been wrongly debited after crediting your account?
Please send an email to stating the incident and a reversal will be done.


Can I make a part payment before my loan repayment date?
Yes, you can make part payment before your due date and still balance the repayment before the due date.
Do I need to come to the branch to apply for a loan?
No, you do not need to visit the branch but fill the online loan form registration on our website and call any of the phone number to speak with our response sales team.
Do I have to be in paid employment to get your loans?
No, there are loans for monthly paid employee and for business people whose repayment depends on business proceeds.
Will i need to open an account with the MFB before requesting for the loan?
Yes,the customer is expected to open a current account with minimum opening balance and a co-branded cheque would be given to the customer instantly to operate a branchless banking through our correspondent banking.
My salary will not be paid on the date given what do I do?
Ensure to notify us 48 hours before the loan due date to avoid presenting your cheque to our correspondent bank and the cheque can only be hold for 3 days

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