Investment Products

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Deposit Products are

(1). Fixed Deposit

    Our fixed deposit allows individuals and corporate organisation to invest with low risk appetite a opportinuty to earn interest which is higher than what is obtainable in commercial banks on their funds.

    You can make your money work for you by investing in our fixed deposit account. With interest higher than a savings account meaning higher returns on investment, this account encourages a savings habit and a fallback when you are cash strapped. This account is opened to residents of Nigeria who are 18 years and above.

(2).Investment Deposit

    We explore all the investment plans available in the market. Go through the pros and cons of each plan in detail. Analyze the risk factors carefully before finalizing the plan. Invest in business which will give you the maximum return.

    We also appoints good financial planning manager who takes care of all our investment needs who must understand your requirement, income, stability etc. to decide the best plan for you.

(3). Call Deposit

    This product encourages Funds Investments from individual or corporate organisations, business men/women, entrepreneur etc with affordable pricing and SMS Alert services for transparent.

    We provides you with unlimited access to your call deposit at all times, manage the fund on your behalf, execute payments with the interest on the call deposit through this account.

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